Welcome to the DIONZ Ecosystem

The DIONZ Ecosystem

DIONZ is a diverse member community of impact-driven, multi-generational, interdisciplinary, impactful, and conscious individuals who include change-makers, entrepreneurs, nextgens, investors, leaders, experts, coaches, creatives, and life-long learners who want to co-create a better world. Through diverse event types and the DIONZ app, DIONZ curates monthly learning activities focusing on three pillars of education: (1) self-realisation, (2) technology, and (3) the system change needed for humanity to thrive.

We support our Members to realise their uniqueness and share it wholeheartedly with the world. We superpower their impact both on an individual Member level, in our DIONZ community, and in the world.

Mission ✨

The future of our planet and humanity will be defined by the individuals who lead a life of impact, authenticity, consciousness, humility, joy, kindness, integrity, accountability, respect, curiosity, and perseverance (our core DIONZ values) and the pioneering organisations which are the most successful at creating innovative and resilient ventures that bring prosperity to their communities and the world. To be relevant in the (very quickly approaching) future, it is essential to acquire a new mind-, heart- and skillset, very different from what we have been systematically taught. 

Who Are the DIONZ Members? 🤩

We celebrate the unique people joining our DIONZ Ecosystem and the extraordinary impact we can have when we learn how to connect to the best version of ourselves. Positive change starts with you and DIONZ is your place.

You can be the next-gen owner of a family business, a first-time entrepreneur or innovator driven to create positive system change, a tech-y, an investor, a young professional, an art collector, a creative, or a coach who wants to support others to achieve their purpose - the DIONZ Ecosystem is where you will find your community and learn to tap into your full potential.

Here are some stats 📊 to help you get a feel for who you can find in the DIONZ Ecosystem: 

  • 👩 45% of Members are women and 👨 55% are men, 🔞 The average age of Members is 35 years young, 🏳 31 nationalities , 🗺 16 countries of residence;
  • 💰19 Members connected to businesses whose cumulative revenue totals more than CHF 80 billion, 🏡 19 Members involved with their family’s business(es), 📈 19 investors, 👫 19 Members involved in leading, managing, and recruiting individuals, 🚀 15 first-time business owners, founders, and entrepreneurs, 💸 12 wealth management and tax experts (working or having worked for the world’s leading wealth management institutions), 🌳 11 sustainability experts and enthusiasts, and 🤲 12 Members who are active in philanthropy.

Many others are: ⚖️ lawyers, 👩‍🏫 in the education space, 🏆 world-class coaches, 🤖 tech & AI experts, ✍️ authors or co-authors, 💻 involved with blockchain/crypto/NFT, 🎨 in the art and design industry and 🧮 countless art collectors, 🧘‍♀️ mediation and yoga teachers, and beyond.

🚧 All Members of the DIONZ Ecosystem have been interviewed and vetted by the DIONZ Admissions Team to ensure that they are aligned with our values and willing to invest in themselves and their fellow Members’ growth.

DIONZ Event Types 📆

Members connect with and learn from each other and from exceptional individuals and organisations at the forefront in their respective areas of expertise. We design our events for small groups to ensure interactive engagement and to maximise how our Members connect with and support each other's personal growth and goals.

🚧 Note: access to the different event types varies according to the membership plan you decide to subscribe to. Check the different membership plan options below!

Virtual Meet & Greets 📡 

Our virtual Meet & Greet sessions are designed for you to connect with Members who share your interest in a specific topic. We share knowledge, passions, and experiences in an informal setting. The range of topics is as wide and varied as the Members' interests. For instance, past virtual Meet & Greet topics include sustainability, blockchain technology, and investments.

📍Topic-focused virtual Meet & Greets take place on a monthly basis in an interactive and fun software. Places are limited to 10-12 participants.

In-Person Meet & Greets 👫

In the in-person Meet & Greets, you get to connect with Members who live in or are visiting your city. These sessions are uniquely designed to create meaningful connections, raise consciousness, and improve well-being through different games and activities; they are far from your typical networking event.

📍In-person Meet & Greets take place once every 2 months in Zürich, Geneva, and London, and “pop-ups” across the globe. Stay tuned we are constantly expanding to new locations.

Virtual Members’ Ateliers 📡 

In the virtual Members’ Ateliers, you get to learn about the expertise of one of the Members. The Atelier series is designed in an interactive way, even though the focus is to shine a light on the knowledge, experience, and practical know-how of a particular Member.

🌈 The range of topics is as wide and varied as the Members' expertise, experience, and knowledge. Topics of past Ateliers include authentic leadership, business prototyping, and semi-precious stones.

📍There is a virtual Members' Atelier on a monthly basis in our interactive and fun video conferencing software. Places are limited to 10-12 participants.

In-Person Members’ Ateliers 👫

📍Similar to the virtual Members' Ateliers, this event type differs in so far as that it takes place in person. In-person Members' Ateliers take place on a frequent basis and are generally followed by lunch or dinner. We are grateful to our Atelier host Members who invite us into their world and for a meal.

Learning Experiences 🎓

Learning Experiences are taught by exceptional individuals and organisations at the forefront in their respective areas of expertise. Knowledge, experience, and skills are always shared by the first-hand source and are current to what is happening in the world today and tomorrow. Learning Experiences are always interactive; all participants have the unique opportunity to interact directly with the speaker.

📍 Learning Experiences may be virtual or in-person and take place once every 3 months, amounting to a total of 4 per year.

Summits 🏔

Some of the summits we have planned in the past, and are planning in the future include:

🌎🌍🌏 Selected events during the Annual World Economic Summit 2023 and 2024 in Davos, Switzerland. DIONZ is organised two event types at the World Economic Forum's (WEF) Annual Summit 2024 in Davos, Switzerland. Namely: a DIONZ full-day event, and summit participation for selected Members. 

🎨 Selected events during Art Basel VIP Preview 2022, 2023 and (upcoming) 2024 in Basel, Switzerland. Namely: it's a themed event, The DIONZ Responsible Cultural Citizen Summit, a  Members Lunch and Dinner, and guided tours.

Conscious Breathing 🧘‍♀️

We offer monthly sessions of breathing exercises that help you think clearly. These are included in all memberships because we believe that healthier, more conscious individuals make a better world.

Exclusive Membership 🔐

Make sure to take a look at the Exclusive Membership plan as it gives its Members access to all of the above and more

Want to Join DIONZ? 🙋‍♀️

Choose from our membership plans depending on your current needs and availability. (If you are an organisation or individual who wants to share your expertise, knowledge, or experiences with our community, please contact us at [email protected]).